Σουίτα εφαρμογών λογισμικού για κάθε επιχείρηση

Η εταιρεία ICG, με έδρα την Ισπανία είναι ο αποκλειστικός προμηθευτής μας σε προϊόντα λογισμικού. Με τα προϊόντα αυτά είμαστε σε θέση να μηχανογραφήσουμε κάθε είδους και μεγέθους επιχείρηση. 



Πλήρης γκάμα ταμειακών μηχανών

Η εταιρεία μας είναι αποκλειστικός αντιπρόσωπος της εταιρείας SAREMA στην Ελλάδα. 


Ξεχάστε πλέον τις χρεώσεις ανά κράτηση από ανεξάρτητους παρόχους online κρατήσεων. Με εμάς είσαστε ιδιοκτήτης των διαδικτυακών κρατήσεων σας.


The bookings engine by internet

Internet has became in a main searching and commercialization tools for hotel beds (more than 70% of travellers use internet before choosing the hotel). At present, the user assumes, that more and more and in firts person, the hotel searching and booking, helping with new technologies.

Do not left behind and offer to your prospects that visit your website, the most simple, fast and sure way to make bookings.

Know our last version of most complete bookings engine by internet FrontHotel Web, you will not have to intervene in any part of the booking process!


Main features of FrontHotel Web


Allow your customers to make reservations for Rooms, Vacation Packages and Activities / Services Hotel extraities / Services Hotel extra

Show your establishment to its customers through images of rooms, their characteristics and conditions of booking with more than 14 languages, 24 hours, 365 days.

With the new version of FrontHotelWeb it can offer customers the possibility to book rooms, and evenVacation Packages Extra services such as spa, golf, sports, etc ... that can offer the hotel, plus special rates apply and use their assigned quotas each.

Main features

  • Leverage your corporate website. Link your website with the solution FrontHotelWeb and from anywhere in the world, receive reservations automatically FrontHotel database.
  • Confirmation of bookings via e-mail end user and the hotel as security.
  • Packages and offers activities and services with or without accommodation.
  • Incorporating photographs and descriptive text of the hotel and rooms from FrontHotel for viewing on the Internet.
  • It includes payment gateway that allows customers to make payment of the reservation in full at the Hotel.
  • The solution can offer the same room or package / offer different rates, by right of cancellation or no minimum stay, etc ...

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